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Phoenix Canada expands synfuel program

Phoenix Canada Oil Co. Ltd. is expanding the Canadian government-funded research on its proprietary, sustainable synthetic liquid hydrocarbon fuel (Synfuel) technology. Atmospheric carbon capture is a further primary system function. Designed to produce synthetic hydrocarbon fuel from captured carbon dioxide, the Synfeul technology is the low-pollution alternative to conventional transportation fuels, as jet fuel, automotive gasoline, and diesel-powered trucks, railcars and shipping vessels.

The Phoenix research at the University of Ottawa is directed by Dr. F.H. Tezel, vice-dean of engineering research, recognized as a leading research scientist in cutting-edge alternative energy technologies.

The research program focuses on the production flow sheet design, which includes an innovative reverse water gas shift (RWGS) reactor, the central component of the system to generate low carbon hydrocarbon fuel (LCHF) which is compounded from diverse hydrogen and carbon sources. The carbon content will largely derive from the captured carbon dioxide output of coal-fired utilities. LCHF is chemically identical to conventional crude oil-based liquid fuels. The carbon dioxide is converted to carbon monoxide for compounding with hydrogen which is currently largely derived from the steam reformation of natural gas. Carbon dioxide emissions from North American coal-fired power plants now total more than two billion tons annually, with each ton containing about 660 pounds of capturable carbon.