Phoenix Canada Oil Reports on Expanded U.S. Patent Coverage of Hydrogen Production Technology

Toronto; 08 September 2009 — Phoenix Canada Oil Company (TSXV : PCO & OTC BB : PHXCF) reports that its proprietary hydrogen production technology, held under U.S. Patent No. 7,122,171 by its U.S. unit, Phoenix International Energy Inc., was granted materially expanded utility and coverage in its newly issued U.S. Patent No. 7,582,584 in September 2009. The new patent significantly extends the Company’s “foundation” technology on the generation of low cost hydrogen gas from a common water feedstock. A much wider array of system elements, materials and components can be employed for hydrogen production, with a positive impact on capital and operating costs.

Phoenix says that by effectively harnessing and catalytically converting light energy to chemical energy, the Company’s “Hydrogen Economy” initiative can be powered by a virtually inexhaustible and pollution-free energy resource that will produce sustainable clean energy that emits only pure water vapour upon combustion. Greenhouse gas emissions and global warming issues are reduced or eliminated, with minimal environmental impact on long term climate stability. Competitive coal, hydrocarbon and nuclear fuels will inevitably be constrained by the depletion of their finite reserves, and by the costs and dangers of eliminating a wide range of carbon, sulphur and nitrous oxide emissions, and by the need for very long term nuclear waste disposal and storage facilities.

Don Moore, CEO, suggests that; “With world oil demand exceeding 84-million barrels/day, the rare and press-newsworthy event of a billion barrel discovery covers less than 12 days of consumption! The conclusion is that oil’s replacement by hydrogen energy may be an imperative, sooner rather than later!”

About Phoenix:
Phoenix plans for a leading role in the future “Hydrogen Economy” — following the milestone grants of U.S. Patent 7,122,171 (October 2006) and U.S. Patent 7,582,584 (September 2009) extending proprietary protection to a wide range of hydrogen production system elements, components and materials. Phoenix International Energy Inc., the Company’s U.S. unit, holds worldwide exclusivity for its innovative hydrogen gas production system under an agreement with a major U.S. research university which extends for 20 years beyond the 17-year term of the last patent issued under the accord. Both U.S. Patents confirm that the rigorous pre-patent examination process disclosed no “prior art” that conflicts with the Company’s “foundation” technology covering the light-powered generation of hydrogen gas from an ordinary water feedstock. Phoenix has also filed provisional U.S. and international patent applications covering the compounding of hydrogen gas with captured carbon emissions to produce the full range of conventional liquid transportation fuels (synfuels) from light-end jet fuel through heavy-end diesel.

Further Information — Contact:
S. Donald Moore, President & CEO
T. 416.368.4440 & E.

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