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The historic business of Phoenix has been in the development, production, and maintenance of oil and natural gas properties in western Canada and South America.

Today, Phoenix is primarily focused on developing clean energy solutions based on water-derived hydrogen. Through its subsidiary, Phoenix International Energy, Inc., Phoenix holds worldwide development rights to a patented hydrogen gas generation technology.

The company is currently actively engaged with an academic team in Canada to scale the technology up to commercial level.

Phoenix is also engaged in R&D, with Canadian universities and government institutions, to develop synthetic hydrocarbon fuels made from water-derived hydrogen. This is C1 chemistry, which involves molecules that contain a single carbon atom.

Phoenix was incorporated in Ontario in 1944 and it is based in Toronto. It trades on the TSX Ventures Exchange as TSX/PCO.

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    Could you possible to confirm the exact listing date. We need only initial listing date not relisting date.

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  3. How long do you estimate before commercialization of your patented product?

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